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Customized Nutrition Services

"Therapeutic diets, healthy eating goals, and non-diet approaches to better health are all on the table as we work together towards a better quality of life!"

The Food Nerdette Community

The Food Nerdette Community is available to clients with a monthly subscription package. In addition to twice-monthly counseling sessions and exclusive monthly resources and recipes, clients can select a complimentary Culinary Workshop or Grocery/Market Tour every other month. Clients will also receive access to private group support resources. Join a community that supports your health journey today!

Grocery/Local Market Tours

Grocery and Farmer's Market tours compliment Nutrition Counseling session, The strategic tips and tools acquired in these tours help clients achieve a more fulfilling lifestyle through identification of healthy and affordable options that meet personal needs and client goals. After personalized sessions, clients will be well-versed in making the best food-related decisions for their health needs. Request a booking today!

Nutrition Counseling Packages

The Food Nerdette provides Nutrition Counseling with comprehensive plans catered to each client's needs. Utilizing evidence-based interventions, a Registered Dietitian guides individuals on the journey to healthy eating and vibrant living. Get in touch today and start taking control of your health with these great tools and techniques.

Hands-on Culinary Workshops

Improve your healthy habits with an experienced Registered Dietitian. Whatever your nutrition or lifestyle goals, The Food Nerdette formulates a personalized plan to meet clients where they are. Culinary Workshops are a hands-on participatory experience that focus on developing and improving culinary skills and recipe creation/modification. From beginners to advanced-level cooks, these sessions can kickstart your confidence and creativity to the next level!

Book an Online Consultation

Gain exclusive access to meal plans, virtual counseling sessions, and professional consultations.

Nutritional Cooking

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